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Payroll management in Mexico

What is it and how does it work?

IPS | Administración de nómina / outsourcing en México y Houston.

Payrolling is a service through which a specialized third company creates the payroll of the client company, assuming all the entailing responsibilities.

This service consists of the delegation of responsibilities and activities when contracting a specialized company to perform them. Accordingly, the contacting party can focus on its core business, increasing its efficiency and saving time.

This method is more economic because there is no need to have a department in charge of the payroll and human resources. This process involves a high level of trust, because the contracting company assigns the control of one of its core parts.

We assume the labor and social security obligations, make the payroll payments of the employees of your company, the employer-employee rates, and taxes.


Main Advantages

of acquiring the service

Exclusive focus on your Core Business, enabling you to engage exclusively in your company development. In this way, your company will be more competitive and productive.

Elimination of administrative burdens, labor and social security obligations.

Expense reduction by transferring labor risks.

Elimination of additional costs. By not having labor or social security obligations, you will never pay related fines and surcharges.

Avoid audits of governmental authorities (IMSS, INFONAVIT, SAT, State Treasury).

Access to more modern procedures, updated and specialized information systems, which otherwise would represent a higher investment for the contracting company.