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Staff recruitment and selection in Mexico

What is it and how does it work?

Qué es y cómo funciona

Staff recruitment is a service in which a specialized external company performs the staff recruitment process of the client company.

We help those who contract our services to define the position profile and we identify the requirements of the open positions to be filled, we publish the job offer and screen, test, validate and interview the candidates until we find the ideal person.

Our mission with this service is to make our best efforts to provide the companies with the best trained staff in terms of talent, creativity, and knowledge and validate the skills of the candidates to fill the position available.

IPS becomes a strategic part of the clients as we are well aware that companies need to have the adequate human resources to take their business to the next level.


Psychometric tests

They are applied to learn about the skills of a person (behavior, personality, managerial style, intellectual coefficient, intelligence, learning capacity, personality factors, social adaptability, and honesty, among other elements).

Labor socioeconomic studies

Specialized home interviews performed by experts who validate and corroborate the information, personal and labor references, lifestyle, and surrounding environment of the candidate for a given position.


Main Advantages

of acquiring the service

Save time and effort. Optimize your resources to focus on your business growth, with no other concerns.

An incorrect decision in candidate selection can generate various negative effects on the organization and productivity of your business. We recruit the best talent to strengthen your company.

Through this IPS service, obtain greater productivity and results for your company.