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Socioeconomic studies in Mexico

What is it and how does it work?

IPS | Estudios socioeconómicos en México y Houston.

Socioeconomic studies consist of an in-depth investigation service of the candidate assessed on school, family, economic, professional aspects, and surrounding environment.

We focus on the professional history obtained from the candidate with the purpose of strengthening the selection and hiring process.

The objective of the socioeconomic studies is to avoid the risk of hiring a conflictive or dishonest person who may cause problems to the companies, affecting productivity, process execution, and the favorable labor climate.

To meet the main objectives of this service, IPS obtains:

  • Geographic zone where the applicant lives
  • Housing conditions
  • Economic dependents
  • Education
  • Work references


Main Advantajes

of adquiring the service

Obtain qualified staff, with skills and capacities that help to meet the business objectives.

Reduce expenses for concepts of settlements, lawsuits, etc. when hiring inadequate staff for the company.

Avoid hiring troublesome staff, with inadequate work history or who provide false information.